The Largest Russian Manufacturer of Rock Bits

Company UralBMT (also known as Joint Stock Company Uralburmash) is one of the largest rock bit manufacturers in the world. UralBMT has a full line of products that services the mining, water well drilling, construction, environmental, gas and oil industries, and geological research.
The construction of Three Cone Rock bits, Core Drilling bits and Core Catchers, and Down-the-Hole Hammer bits ensures maximum performance in drilling rate and core recovery (for Core Drilling bits and Core Catchers) by using the correct tool choice in accordance with geological conditions.
In manufacturing, UralBMT uses the highest quality materials and is ISO 9001 certified.

Three Cone Rock bits (diameter from 2" - 11" (74.6mm - 295mm)) are made for a multitude of drilling applications including Gas and Oil production, Mining and Mineral Exploration, Water Well production, Construction, Horizontal/ Directional, Geotech, Environmental, and a variety of other industrial uses.

Core Drilling bits and Core Catchers (diameter from 2" - 8" (132mm - 215mm)) are made for core recovery during geological research.

Down-the-Hole Hammer bits (diameter from 5" - 6¾" (127mm - 171.4mm)) are used for blasthole drilling in the mining and water well industries.