The Largest Russian Manufacturer of Rock Bits
UralBMT sells its products Worldwide only through regional networks of Authorized Dealers. Please contact us to obtain names and addresses of Authorized Dealers in your area.

It is a policy of UralBMT to honor warranty and provide technical support for products manufactured by UralBMT and purchased from authorized dealers. UralBMT will not honor warranty for its products purchased from a non-authorized source.

Dealer Discounts are available. To become an Authorized Dealer please contact us

For North, Central, South America, and Italy our exclusive representative is New World Products Company, Illinois (USA). New World Products Company has made NDS Drilling Supply Minnesota (USA) an authorized distributor of UralBMT products in the states of Minnesota, Georgia, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa in the United States.

New World Products Company has made Petrind SRL (Pescara, Italy) and C.B.D. Damenti Stefano (Parma, Italy) authorized distributors of UralBMT products in the country of Italy in Europe.