The Largest Russian Manufacturer of Rock Bits

September 24th, 2004

In September JSC Uralburmash participated in the 10th Anniversary International MiningWorld Central Asia Exhibition, which took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

MiningWorld Central Asia 2004 is a unique concept specifically designed to bring suppliers of mining equipment and machinery, products and services from all areas of the world in direct contact with mining exploration, mining processing of minerals and metals in Central Asian Republics. MiningWorld Central Asia Exhibition and Conference are supported at the highest level by the Local Government and trade associations including: Ministry of Trade and Industry of RK, Committee of Geology of RK; Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources of Uzbekistan; Committee of Geology and Natural Resources under the Government of Kyrgyzstan; Committee of Geology and Mineral Resources of Tajikistan.

The Exhibition is aimed to promote this sector in the country and to reveal the regional potential, to introduce the latest developments to the mining and exploration sectors. The event provides great opportunities for establishing new and further developing existing business contacts, and entering new markets. During the past 10 years MiningWorld Central Asia Exhibition has become the true forum for mining and metallurgy experts, equipment producers and suppliers, and representatives of the mining industry in Central Asia, more than 26 countries participated.

UralBMT presented mining drill bits, which attracted a lot of customers to the UralBMT booth, existing and potential.

The following partners of UralBMT visited the Exhibition: Sokolovsko-Sarbyiskoe ore mining and processing enterprise, Bogatir Access Komir, Kostanai minerals, and West-Asian energetic corporation, among others. They have been pleased with the continuous improvement of the UralBMT line and suggested that in the upcoming year there will be a lot more business. The event also attracted some new potential customers from Kazakhstan and other countries of the region.

The Exhibition contributed to closer, effective and mutually profitable contacts within UralBMT and its drill bit consumers.